Composite or Steel Frame buildings

The Composite Steel frame homes are one of the most modern solutions in the construction of a building. Although they are relatively new in the market, they already have their own followers.

The elements that make a composite structure superior compared to conventional concrete is:


Longevity and durability is certainly one of the biggest advantages of these houses. Unlike conventional construction which demands special attention to the composition of concrete and its steel reinforcement, the metal housing comply with extreme resistance to an earthquake or to strong wind so that the total construction remains safe even under the most difficult weather tests.


The cost of such a construction is reduced compared with a conventional concrete construction mainly due to contributions (Social Security), and the purchase of the steel elements. The fact of the prefabrication in metal construction and not on the construction site, reduces the overall cost. Other structural elements (walls, floors, electromechanical operations) do not particularly differ in costs compared to a conventional structure.


The construction time is greatly reduced because once the metal elements are placed at the selected space, the rising of the building immediately begins, without the waiting times for the molding and curing of concrete (beams – columns).

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