Mobile Homes

The mobile home is a flexible and cost effective solution in the category of pre fabricated homes. It is a solid house that since it is installed it can be habitable the next minute.

The advantages compared to the conventional structure are:

  • Stable but light construction with a long life span and low in cost
  • Fastest time in manufacture and delivery
  • Many options in the configuration and delivery
  • High Seismic Protection
  • Allocation of premises
  • Ready made sewerage.

Today the mobile home can be constructed from eco-friendly materials & a complete hydraulic & electrical installation in any dimension and with any configuration according to the customer’s choices. Apart from housing, it has the potential to be used for professional purposes, offices, construction sites, exhibitions etc. It is important for the consumer to know that the mobile home which is strongly connected to the ground or public sewing & electricity companies may no longer be considered as mobile and falls in zoning provisions.

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