Arch Steel Technology

The Arch Steel Technology are increasingly used worldwide. This is because of their capabilities, the unlimited fields of application that they cover, as well as the wide range of choice between different models and construction/building materials, with which you can provide your own design and architecture. The material from which they are manufactured is the Galvalume Plus, American manufactured, which combines 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. It gives up to 80% heat reflection and makes them waterproof, increasing their energy efficiency.

Building Models

Always aiming at the existence of unlimited choices, which cover completely the individual needs of our customers, below you can see the different Building Models that we provide:



The main advantages that characterize them and are a top choice in the construction industry, are the following:

  • Quick Erection/Assembly Time
  • Possibility of construction from 3m-46 m width, without beams/pillars/supports
  • Possibility of Unlimited elongation
  • Durability in harsh weather conditions (snow, strong winds, fire, etc.)
  • Absolute utilization of the interior space
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency
  • Without Maintenance costs
  • Absolute insulation from birds, water, parasites
  • Antiseismic
  • Disassembly Dyness
  • Additional masonry of your choice


Fields of application

  • Residence
  • Industry & Storage
  • Aviation
  • Army
  • Shipping
  • Agriculture & Livestock
  • Sports
  • All types of Facilities



  • Open plan structures (without columns, support from 2 edges where a base plate mounted on a concrete slab holds the whole structure)
  • Massive Heights
  • Extra Insulation-Masonry
  • Skylights (on the roof for ecological lighting of your space)
  • Unlimited Interior Layout options
  • Ability to use various door technologies (folding, slide, roller shutter, etc.)
  • Parts & Accessories (Turbine vents, window frames, Service doors etc)
  • Transportable

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