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It all starts with an idea.

Your own idea that for us becomes a source of inspiration and creation.

Starting a construction we research the idea, we provide real estate consulting services (if requested) we study the client’s budget, the natural environment and the needs of the project.

Through the available technologies and guided by its aesthetics, we manage all the above with the aim of sustainable and functional design. From the beginning we have in mind the end, the perfect construction and aesthetic result.

Real Estate

By undertaking a project from the beginning, we also provide real estate consulting services, if required. We discuss your needs and look for the best possible solution that suits them with market research to identify opportunities that will meet your expectations through numerous options of properties, land and plots.


Once we meet, see your space, and talk about your goal, we follow the following steps:

  • Studies
  • Planning – Design
  • Photorealism – 3d design
  • Recording of project plan & scheduling


The heart of our work as a technical construction company is the implementation stage. And of course it is the point where we will be next to you at every step of the way.

Our main construction method is composite prefabricated steel buildings (homes, professional space, etc.) of energy class up to A +, both because we love the environment and we care about the economy & quality of life of our customers

The steps we will follow together are the following:

  • Finding a property (if requested)
  • Excavations – Earthworks
  • Reinforced concrete base
  • Installation of steel frame
  • Filling of masonry and insulation
  • Completion of interiors
  • Configuration of the surrounding area
  • Complete completion of construction

And you are ready to enter your new space!

Energy class A + offers us low to zero energy consumption in our buildings, maximum energy efficiency and of course small requirements in energy consumption for cooling and heating!


  • Fast completion of the project (shorter construction time compared to the construction of bricks or concrete. In total it saves time up to 30%)
  • Delivery of steel construction without delays due to weather changes or other external factors
  • Limited waste
  • Lower ecological footprint
  • Recyclable materials
  • Strong but light steel frame construction (with excellent strength in relation to its weight against any other material used in the construction of buildings)
  • Safety (Refractory material with high fire protection up to 60 minutes), non-combustible, with excellent resistance to extreme weather events: fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Elasticity for Earthquake shielding: the use of steel with high values ​​of elasticity allows the integrated steel structure to “move and bend without permanent structural damage”
  • Thermal insulation – Sound insulation – Waterproofing
  • Architecture without restrictions
  • Unlimited lifespan
  • Controlled quality of structural elements
  • Exemption from construction defects
  • Zero cracks in masonry
  • Ideal for the construction of high-rise buildings

We are by your side all the time, supervising every stage and process until your idea takes its final form.

Throughout this process of personalized & sustainable construction, our team takes care of the monitoring of the budget and the schedules.

A complete supply for a complete building solution.

After Sale Service

The construction is now complete and your efforts have been rewarded.

Our goal for each project is to have the care and maintenance it needs to keep its characteristics alive like the first day.

We will be by your side for any change, problem or addition that will occur in your construction.

In this way, the projects that we implement together, apart from being timeless, are also evolutionary and are adapted to your way of life year after year.


Safety for us is a key priority. Both during construction and throughout the life cycle of the building.

We observe all safety measures in the construction and are constantly informed about any new update.

We make sure our constructions are antiseismic and environmentally safe.

In the era of Covid 19 we take care of both the safety of our people and the safety of our customers by observing safety distances and all the rules of hygiene.

This is how we Build Trust!


Quality is our basic principle and our motto.

Both in the design and aesthetics of the project as well as in its construction and energy efficiency, quality for us is non-negotiable.

That is why the relationships we create with our customers are long-term and stable.

Our company operates in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 and ensures that it is constantly trained around new solutions & materials that improve the quality of construction and the life of the user.