Composite Steel Constructions

The Construction company Stamatiou Homes, provides you with unlimited integrated solutions of Composite Steel Constructions aiming at the excellent quality and functionality, in combination with the high architectural aesthetics.Each type of building, whether it is intended for permanent residence, cottage, warehouse or anything else, is an investment of life and it is necessary to meet specific specifications.

Our Company undertakes every project in its entirety, from the execution of projects, the production & setup of the skeleton, the extra insulation and masonry investments, the necessary connection with the networks up to the delivery, and then maintenance, of the final Building for use. All products/materials used are certified, as well as our workshop.



As far as the building frameworks we produce are concerned, they are light-type steel frame constructions that suit every type of project. The quality of G550 is structural steel with galvanized thermal coating developed specifically to maximize the performance of cold steel construction projects. It Provides higher performance power to minimize total steel demand in each of the engineered structures, with guaranteed minimum performance of 550MPa and lower construction cost.


Advantages of structural steel frames

  • Quick completion of the project (requires shorter construction time compared to the construction of bricks or concrete. Overall saves up to 30% time)
  • Delivery of construction, without delays due to weather changes or other external factors
  • Limited Waste in the area
  • Lower Ecological footprint for ecological constructions
  • Recyclable Material
  • Powerful but lightweight (Excellent durability compared to its weight versus any other material used in building construction)
  • Safety (Fireproof material, non-combustible, with excellent resistance to extreme weather phenomena: fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Elasticity-The advantage over earthquakes (The use of steel with high elasticity values allows the integrated steel structure to “move and bends without permanent structural damage”)


Composite Metal Constructions

Composite Metal Constructions


Construction Stages

1. Framing Design

Having discussed, carried out and studied the static and architectural drawings of the project, we transferred with absolute precision the necessary information in the computer and we convert the data into detailed and accurate framing plans (masonry).

2. Electronic Design and Performance

Data Processing and extraction of detailed orders about the parts of masonry to the size to be constructed

3. Production

With the extraction of the chassis, the assembly is planned either inside the factory or on the construction site, following precise instructions



There are many different types of roof depending on their form

  • Single-Sided: One inclined side, parallel to the building
  • Pitched roof: Two inclined sides that are joined together
  • Hipped roof: Four ramps that are directed to the four sides of the building
  • Terrace-Parapet
  • Composite roofs: Combination of the above

However, how it will be the internal form, always depends on the architectural aesthetics and design that we want to give to our interior spaces. There are the following options:

  • Obvious Skeleton: One of the most widespread choices over time, as it lends a more rustic and industrial style. This is achieved by using raw timber, etc. Ideal for attics
  • Non-Evident frame: full coverage with dry building materials. However, there can be uncovered points, wishing to give a different style to our construction

But our work doesn’t stop here, but it just started!

Unlimited Investment Solutions, extra masonry, floor, landscaping, interior & exterior decoration and everything needed to build your dream home fully!




Composite Metal Constructions

Composite Metal Constructions

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