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Agriculture & Livestock

The Arch Steel Building Technology has excellent application in the field of Agriculture and Livestock, sectors that grow rapidly, both in Greece and abroad.

As expected, the construction needs and requirements in these areas are enormous, as large storage areas for agricultural products and animal housing are needed, as well as they should be protected from pests, moisture and birds.

Indicative advantages that characterize this type of buildings and particularly favour the above mentioned cases are the following:

  • Lack of wear and need for systematic maintenance
  • Great Building Life
  • Possibility of expansion & disassembly
  • Safe & Practical Coverage
  • Absolute use of a single internal space (absence of beams & other brackets)
  • Fast Construction Speed
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Etc.

All models can be used in this area, but the most widespread is the model Q as it has an opening up to 46 meters with unlimited length capability, as well as the S model that has the advantage of high height.

The ambient conditions where the animals are housed and accommodated are necessary to meet the right specifications.

An Arch Steell Building is the most secure construction option for every breeder

The Safe storage of agricultural machinery and tools is a decisive factor in the choice of space, for each farmer.

The extra advantage in an Arch Steel Building is the ability to have as many skylights as you wish on the roof, allowing the sunlight to enter, giving extra ecological character to the construction. 

The skylights have V shape and the light that penetrates the building is reflected in the metal masonry and thus the brightness is multiplied

The T model is an excellent solution in agriculture as it serves as a shelter for agricultural tools and machinery.

It consists of open sides and is semi-arched construction

Crucial for each farmer is the ability to keep and store his products (cereals, seeds, etc.), in a space with great coverage, without interfering beams and props while at the same time protected from weather conditions and environmental threats (away from pests, etc.)