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The Arched Metal Constructions combine the high architectural aesthetics with the functionality required in each dwelling.

Stamatiou Homes in partnership with Perendes Technologies, always aiming at innovation and quality, created a new range of homes, the Moonline Homes, which are specially designed to meet today’s everyday needs combined with excellent design .

You can build your own unique home yourself, choosing between a very wide variety of building materials, insulations, masonry and any element that will give the design you want, but also take off the energy efficiency of your home.

Choosing an Arched Metal House, the advantages are numerous:

  • Competitive Budget
  • Fast Construction Speed
  • High Aesthetic Architecture
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Functionality with absolute utilization of Internal Spaces
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency
  • etc

Different Types of Residences

Exploit the advantage of the absolute utilization of all interior spaces

Give the interior design that suits you, choosing between unique and different materials for lining interior spaces, flooring (eg forged cement, stone, wood)

The team of the company Stamatiou Homes consists of specialized architects, engineers, decorators and technicians and will give you the solution to all your needs