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The technology of Arch Steel Building Technology, due to the high quality standards that it provides, is the most competitive solutions in aircraft installations and in general aviation. Through a huge range of models and dimensions, the Arch Steel Building Technology includes the type Q, so that they cover every need, preference and above all budget.

The exceptional advantages of this technology which favour their use in the aviation industry are the rapid installation, immediate protection in a difficult environment and of course the resistance to time and rust.

The Arch Steel Building Technology are available with or without front and rear walls,  electric sliding doors, skylights and many more options covering every need. The sheds have the special coating of Galvalume Plus, which offers tremendous resistance to adverse weather conditions, 85% reflection in heat.

The Arch Steel Building Technology can cover from small Cessana, helicopters, private jets, to large commercial aircraft such as Boeing 747.

Choosing the Arch Steel Building Technology, you give your work the imposing and the architecture it deserves

The Arch Steel Building Technology were originally created to meet the needs of both the aviation and the military.