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Construction Process of Spatial Frame Network

The selection of Composite Steel Construction outweighs many points compared to a conventional one as it achieves a greater speed of completion of each project, has high energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly as well as providing the required Antiseismic Safety etc.

Construction Stages

1. Framing Design

Having discussed, carried out and studied the static and architectural drawings of the project, we convey with absolute precision the necessary information to the computer and convert the data into detailed and accurate framing plans (masonry) .

2. Electronic Design and Performance

Data Processing and extraction of detailed orders about the parts of masonry to the size to be constructed

3. Production

With the extraction of the chassis, the assembly is planned either inside the factory or on the construction site, following precise instructions

All raw materials are processed and manufactured in the factory with strict specifications, always aiming at the high quality

Construction and Installation of certified materials by a specialized workshop

Ability to prepare parts in our factory and assemble the final construction on the project. This achieves savings In time and cost