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Duplex Steel Building

An Excellent application has in the two-storey buildings the Composite Metal Construction which as already mentioned is gaining more and more ground nowadays,both in domestic and industrial level, as the advantages of this in relation to conventional construction outweigh. Both the erection speed, the high energy efficiency, the competitive budget and the safety are only some of the advantages of the use of steel frame.  Then you are selected in each case all those necessary construction materials, which will complete your construction.

Taking into account your needs and conducting all the necessary studies, we end up in the type of construction you want, at the levels from which you would like to consist the layout of the premises (internal and external)

Below you can see numerous projects of Spatial frame Network & Heavy Duty, two-storey buildings with different types of roofs (single, double-sided, etc.)

Enjoy The 3d designs of your construction!