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Arch Steel Building Technology is also excellently applicable in the Marine sector. As all port and marine installations, as well as oil piers and fishing shelters, have very high requirements, choosing an Arch Steel Building is an ideal solution.

Galvalume Plus (construction material) , which combines 55% aluminum and 45% zinc, provides unique features and stunning properties with high durability. Choosing any model from the range of Ach Steel Buildings, you can take advantage of the multiple benefits provided:

  • Incredible Fast Assembly Time
  • Absolute Indoor Use
  • Unlimited Elongation
  • Zero Maintenance Cost
  • Resistance to Adverse Weather Conditions (fire, wind, snow)
  • Earthquake-proof

The choices vary with the desired model and dimensions, so they can cover a wide range of demands.

In the Marine Sector, ‘mobile’ constructions, as well as container covers, are widespread.

The T model is an excellent solution in Marine sector, as it serves as a shelter for marine and fishing vehicles/machinery.

It consists of open sides and is a semi-arched structure

Since marineconditions are characterized by high humidity, usage of this kind of technology is an excellent choice as the materials that be used are very highly resistant in damp and saline environments.