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Materials & Characteristics of Spatial Frame Network

The Metal Construction is an investment of life, which is why the company Stamatiou Homes, always aiming for excellent quality in combination with functionality, always uses certified materials and products.

The quality of each construction Is characterized by the individual elements that comprise it which give the whole the final result (e.g. bolts, shutters and steel in general).

Metal Framing Machine System This is high quality machines for light steel frames.

We use two types of FRAMECAD® machines, the TF350 and TF550 and we produce the profile 89mm in one minute with a thickness of 1.15 mm and the profile 150 mm in one minute with thickness 1.15 mm.

Galvanized steel Rolls Are accompanied by certificates of origin proving the Their quality.


They are manufactured in certified & approved facilities in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Application Fields: Pre-treatment of masonry from steel frames and beams, Designed for BMT steel 0,95 to 1,55 mm for pre-perforated and non-perforated.

Features & Benefits

  • Aligning the holes during assembly for a high quality, precise finish.
  • Easy to penetrate heavier steel for quick and easy assembly.
  • Increased stability and greater torque and integration of the desktop, making screwing easier and less snaps
  • Excellent application of the low profile flat head offering a smooth, flat finish on the surfaces for easy and precise investment installation.
  • Reduced chances of reversed and relaxation due to the perforation under the heads.
  • Guaranteed quality, tested for strength and durability
  • Etc


Steel Quality: G550-galvanization Z 275. It is an ideal steel specification in structural frame applications, advantages in transport/modular projects, large-volume residences, specially designed architectural designs and commercial applications.

The quality of G550 is structural steel with galvanized thermal coating developed specifically to maximize the performance of cold steel construction projects.

It Provides higher performance power to minimize total steel demand in each of the engineered structures, with guaranteed minimum performance of 550MPa and lower construction cost.

Elasticity indicates the amount of steel that can be deformed and then returned to its original shape when the power or voltage is removed.

The use of steel with high elasticity values allows the integrated steel structure to “move and bends without permanent structural damage”.

The materials Are bent “tyres” until they reach their point of performance.