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Arch Steel Building Technology has excellent application in Military Sector, as they are charavterized by high reststance to extreme weather conditions, high-throughput, high flexibility in construction abilities etc.

As a result, Arch Steel Building Technology is one of the safest choices in military bases worldwide. 

The ability to easily transportation, easy assembly and disassembly, makes this construction a great temporary or permanent solution suited to the needs of Military.

The Technology of this kind of buildings is the ideal solution for military operational purposes, staff chambers, temporary or permanent operational stations, storage of ammunition (with the ability of coverage into the ground),  first-aid facilities,  garages,  even the storage of weapons systems.

One of the most common Q-type buildings of 100-200 m2 is a typical example of easy safekeeping and storage in a simple, standard double pallet.

The ability to easily disassemble and store them for future purpose is an important asset to the needs and demands of military sector.