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Composite Steel Galvanized Buildings

Our company, provides you with unlimited integrated solutions of Composite Steel Constructions aiming at the excellent quality and functionality, in combination with the high energy efficiency. Each type of building, whether it is intended for permanent residence, cottage, warehouse or anything else, is an investment of life and it is necessary to meet specific specifications.

We undertake every project in its entirety, from the execution of projects, the production & setup of the skeleton, the extra insulation and masonry investments, the necessary connection with the networks up to the delivery, and then maintenance, of the final Building for use. All products/materials used are certified, as well as our workshop.

Regarding the skeleton frames that we use, it depends on the use for which the building is intended and the respective needs of the project, such as the number of floors, the height, the volume, the required openings, etc. Our company undertakes every type of construction, depending on the studies that are carried out.

We mainly construct composite steel buildings either with a spatial frame network, or with a heavy-duty frame, or with a combination of them.


Heavy Duty – Spatial Network Frame 

The supports of the steel frame consist of double T-shaped cross sections with a thickness of a few millimeters. There are some cases in which these steel elements are enclosed in concrete creating compound columns. The beams of the frame consist of high cross sections of double T type which connect the columns with each other. Between the beams, if a passable floor is required, lower cross-sections (crossbeams) run, on which a composite slab rests.

The composite slab consists of a steel sheet and lightly reinforced concrete. Siding, roof, exterior and interior masonry is done with spatial network frame – are concerned they are light-type steel frame constructions that suit every type of project. The quality of G550 is structural steel with galvanized thermal coating developed specifically to maximize the performance of cold steel construction projects. It Provides higher performance power to minimize total steel demand in each of the engineered structures, with guaranteed minimum performance of 550MPa and lower construction cost.


Advantages of Steel Buildings

There are many different types of roof depending on their form

But our work doesn’t stop here, but it just started! Unlimited Investment Solutions, extra masonry, floor, landscaping, interior & exterior decoration and everything needed to build your dream home fully!