Appartment Construction

Location: Heraklion

Projects: Residences

A mix of styles in a fully renovated studio. It included Cycladic and industrial and forged cement elements from Novamix, that resulted in a contemporary & minimal interior. The walls were covered with the Cycladic way of paneling. The floor was constructed with industrial flooring in grey colours.


Built in sofa

img_5290 img_5226

Inox decorative elements with a navy breeze where used in the residence


Wooden handmade ladder of the open air attic

img_5220 img_5215-edit

Open air attic made of wood that can accommodate two people


Industrial flooring in grey colour


German energy saving air heating vesta, Varia Ah from Spartherm, with particular low consumption, covered with cement relevant to the rest of the residence


Steps to enter the bathtub

img_5358 img_5385

The whole of the bathroom was insulated and we placed elastic forged cement

img_5289 img_5238

Internal staircase made of forged cement

img_5387 img_5400

Exterior staircase made of concrete and covered with capitsana

3 2 1

Built-in sofas and a handmade waterfall from soil bricks were created in the backyard

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