Construction of exterior space

Location: Kato Asites

Projects: Residences

We were asked to design and construct the exterior of the residence. Our company constructed the terrace, the garden corridors & the decoration of the exterior. Finally we constructed the BBQ area.

img_0999 img_0875

The exterior space was divided in order to have a terrace and a place for the lawn

img_5541 img_0949-edit

Corridors and terraces were formed with stamped flooring in a Byzantine design & earthy colours. A BBQ construction added value in the backyard

img_0979 img_0894 img_0930 img_0941

In the exterior we placed stamped cement with brick in a harmonic combination with the rest of the exterior

img_5531 img_0944 img_0949-edit img_0914-edit

Stone decorated barbeque consisted by traditional wood burning oven and handmade sink


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