Maisonette Construction

Location: Kato Archanes

Projects: Residences

We were asked to implement the flooring and the German energy air warm saving fireplace, Varia Ah from Spartherm. In the exterior, we covered the walls & constructed the traditional wood oven.

img_4142 img_4136 img_4446 img_4183

Two-storey maisonette overlooking nature


Forged Cement from Novamix on the floors, which emphasises the rustic style of the owners

img_4393-edit img_4399-edit

Forged cement from Novamix and soil bricks have been used to decorate the interior

img_4367-edit img_4327-edit

Energy saving air heating vesta of high efficiency and low consumption for the heating of the two storey house

Details of the natural stones used for residence covering


Detail of the hearth's door

 We constructed walled stainless channels for the transfer of the warm air in the bedrooms 

img_4244-edit img_4251-edit img_4265-edit

Stairs connect the living room with bedrooms


The floor of the exterior was covered with black stone

img_4461-edit img_4415 img_4435 img_4424

Stones used for the yard


In the exterior we covered the walls & constructed the traditional wood oven.


We placed a traditional wood oven & marble trough in the area


The wood oven was covered with soil bricks

img_4165 img_4215 img_4202

Coverings from natural stones


Being mesmerized by nature’s colors

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