Vesta & wood oven

Location: Archanes, Heraklion

Projects: Residences

We were asked to create the outside place of the house, which consists of a vesta, a wood oven, and auxiliary spaces. The investment of the construction was carried out with traditional soil bricks. The aim is to allow owners to roast food in a traditional way, enjoying the warmth of space

Παραστιά & Ξυλόφουρνος

Vesta, wood oven and auxiliary spaces construction

Alternative baking methods using a grill or cast iron accessory – base to ensure a place for the pan and the cast iron plate

Traditional baking in the frying pan and cast iron plate, achieving a healthier and more enjoyable result

Παραστιά & Ξυλόφουρνος

Construction investment with traditional soil bricks


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