Prefabricated chapel

Location: Heraklion

Projects: Professional Spaces

We were asked to build a chapel, which was placed in the courtyard of a house. Inside, it was covered with the application of a forged cement, from Novamix, thus achieving a unique aesthetic result over time. There were installed wooden frames, both in the windows and the door. Cotto tiles were placed on the floor, causing the space to impose its dignity.

An integral part of the church, externally, is the bell tower and the cross, both made of wood, creating a sense of tradition and simplicity.

The chapel can be for home or business use. Accordingly, the construction as a whole varies both in terms of size and aesthetic effect.


Prefabricated chapel Prefabricated chapel DSC_1524 Prefabricated chapel

Interior covering with forged cement and cotto floor tiles

The cross and the bell tower decorate outdoors every chapel. The lines and style chosen will depend on the final result we want to give each time.

DSC_1504 DSC_1537 DSC_1585 DSC_1508

Perimeter face and coloration of the chapel


Cotto tile

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