Prefabricated house

Location: Heraklion

Projects: Residences

Another alternative proposal for a prefabricated home. It is a composite metal construction with or without additional lining on the exterior walls. Optionally, some walls were coated with Viroc. Interior, it has been insulated with stone wool and covered with plasterboard which can be coated. It is a studio with a kitchen and a living room where an air-heater stove is placed. In addition, it has one bedroom and one WC. Finally, a barbecue is available outside.

Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι

Aluminum energy frames, wooden floor and wooden wardrobe

Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι

Coating with forged cement application , wooden floors and GMG stove with oven

Προκάτ σπίτι Prefab house _FL_0132-HDR

Mosaic kitchen countertops, viroc coating and aluminum energy frames

Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι

Bathroom by forged cement, shower coating with inlay and a marble washbasin

Προκάτ σπίτι

Combination of Viroc coating colors

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