Residence Construction

Location: Heraklion

Projects: Residences


Fireplace’s indicative price: 5000€

Forged cement’s indicative price: 45€/m2


In this project, we fully renovated the apartment. We used a mix of materials & designs such as wood, Novamix forged cement, earth bricks and several styles. The result is modern & timeless.


We covered the floors in all the rooms -apart from the bedrooms- in grey elastic forged cement

Προκάτ σπίτι

Kitchen and living room merged into a single room

Προκάτ σπίτι

The kitchen was covered with soil bricks and forged cement while the wooden cupboards were decorated with a special technique in order to look aged and worn out

Προκάτ σπίτι img_1464 img_1424

The air absorber was constructed in order to imitate the Cycladic walls

For the heating of the residence, we constructed a German energy saving air heating vesta, Spartherm Varia 1 Vh H2O XXL 4S, of high efficiency and low consumption, with the ability to connect it to the radiators and for water heating, covering 270 m2.


German energy saving air heating vesta, Spartherm Varia 1 Vh H2O XXL 4S which was decorated with the Cycladic style as well

Handmade light with wood & iron net

img_1502 img_1346 Προκάτ σπίτι

In the corridor there is an aged platter opposite a DIY library synthesis of wooden crates

Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι Προκάτ σπίτι

A library synthesis was cinstructed with the use of crates

Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία

The bathtub and the sink are handmade constructions and were decorated with forged

Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία και χειροποίητο πλακακι img_1608

On the floor of the bathroom we placed broken tiles in vivid colours

Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία img_1224

Elements of the bathroom were made of wood

Decorative elements in children’s bedroom


For the master bedroom we constructed a bed using thick wood in white colour. Bedrooms’ floors were also made of wood

img_1571 img_1559 img_1577 img_1568

The rest of the furniture are also artificially aged in white and blue colours.

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