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Thalori Retreat Renovation, in Kapetaniana with strong elements of tradition. The study and design was carried out with the aim of preserving Cretan architecture, combining traditional aesthetics with the comforts of today, giving its guests a unique hospitality experience.

The main materials of the hotel’s interior design composition, are the construction and investment by applying forged cement on built-in beds, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens & stoves/fireplaces, giving a unique, handmade, durable and timeless result. Air heaters and fireplaces complemented the warmth and hospitality of the rooms, after we undertook the wall & floor coverings.

The exterior design focused on the construction of special elements (gutters) and the configuration of outdoor space, courtyards & floors.

Interior Renovation design

Bathroom Interior Design

We warmly thank Mr. Skordalakis Markos, for the trust he showed us and the excellent cooperation!

Photographer: Paroutsa Effie